Monday, March 11, 2013

Sudden Death!

After a long drought I finally got one SICKT Trychaser to own, I was also intending to post a diorama but subsequently lost the picture file when my laptop crashed last week... orz

 Anyway, I got a new toy review coming up, new hard drive to work with (so my laptop is fast again) and new content in the coming week! Oh also, I've recently made a Twitter account for myself that I've been using for a while now so I might as well whore it out here to anyone who wants to follow it:

Lately I've been doing some sketch/doodle-a-day sort of thing on there, so check it out as well!

 Right now though, I'm posting a pic of my Adele Gundam build. very close to painting now, just fixing a few seams here and there. I'll likely put up some of the stuff I changed around for this build right before actual painting.  Enjoy the primed pic!

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