Sunday, March 3, 2013

more plamo.

Well, it's march and I'm pissed that my regular store didn't stock any KT Trychasers (bastards!) so I'm still tiding myself over with some gunpla. Bought a few more AGE kits recently, and since a few of them are on sale it's pretty ballin.

First up is this Adele kitbash which I will try to mod into an NT-1 Alex homage, part of a bigger fanfic idea I have in my head but will likely never write, though there are general story notes written down to help me visualize this.  Most of the changes would be some Plaplate panels added on some areas, and beam vulcan modules on the forearms, like the original Alex had vulcans as well.

I also built this G-exes that I have no idea what to do with. but the build was fun and the model itself even moreso. makes me want to buy a few shaldoll customs to go with it. 

lastly, an update on my Razor custom, part of the same fic the adele gundam is included in.

That's all for now, hoping to get more work done this week on other projects. 

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