Sunday, January 27, 2013

Today, I bought stuff.

Okay, first off this black robot thing. I have no idea what it is but it looks pretty awesome. 

The fit is perfect for my old micromen though I think it'll be cramped for the microforce bodies. the female microlady and microsisters might fit though. 

Apparently it has electronics but I'm not gonna bother with that for a while.  It probably walks and has sounds, judging from the speaker in the cockpit. 

Then this MU Spidey from a trade with a friend. Gave him the modified spidey I did a while ago. This version isn't particularly stellar but looks good to me. Right now I'm just looking for an SHS spidey to compare with him. 

Speaking of SHS I also bought the SHS Ghost Rider, probably the best Ghost Rider figure in this scale. Very much inpressed by how much detail went into this sculpt, not to mention a very superior range of articulation, almost Microman-like. 

Lots of details to appreciate on this thing, from the transparent orange flaming skull head, to the sculpted details like the belt buckle, different textures for the pants and jacket, the skulls on the belt, kneepads and elbow pads as well as the spikes. This is an absolutely well-done figure. I just wish he came with a chain and had more neutrally posed gripping hands for bike riding. 

I also got this Takumi Damashii Shadowmoon variant. 

I like these colors better than the official Shadowmoon colors, honestly.

 I intend on using it as a model for sculpting my Shadowmoon custom, though I might need to take parts from the statue itself, 

In particular, the satan saber

and maybe the heel spurs. Though I might attempt to make them from plaplates first. I predict a lot of styrene will be used when I do make that custom. 

Lastly, I bought another KT agito, to replace the one I'll chop up for a custom. I'll also review this mint specimen along with Tornador so I can build up my Kiwami Review archive a bit more. I should have reviewed Momo and Den-O but I keep putting it off, lol. 

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