Monday, January 21, 2013


So today I managed to find and by this limited clear variant of Kiwami Hibiki, albeit loose and incomplete. I was lucky to have spare parts from a custom commission lying around and decided to partially paint him so he isn't so completely purple. 

I really like the results of the repaint, I think it complements the clear violet base body well, and works as a sort of transition phase between Hibiki and Hibiki Kurenai.

It's pretty weird for me to actually complete my Hibiki variants or for that matter, other KTs that are hard to find at minimal cost. At this point the only hard to find figure that I haven't bought or owned would be Faiz Blaster form, Nega Den-O and white Momotaros and the Agito Storm x Flame set.

This is probably just good luck at the start of the year haha.

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