Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Form-Changing Toys.

I was playing around with my Black SIC today when I just realized something about him. Design-wise he's built to turn into 6 different toys. granted, 5 of them are repaints and 1 retool but still that's a pretty cool feature, and not uncommon for the toy market. So I decided to document this neat little gimmick with the complete sets I do have.

Do excuse me though, as I went ahead and modified the base body and parts to accommodate more articulation via revoljoints, but enjoy nonetheless! 

 Black (Green Ver.)/Battaman      


Black RX

It's a very cool feature of the figure and it was definitely the draw of the original line of SICs, apart from the highly detailed sculpts, the form-changing gimmick is what sells these figures because you get 2 types of figures (or more, in the case of riders like Kuuga or Agito) in one package. Yes it was pricey, and not very well-articulated but innovative and at the time, very well-executed.

The only weakpoints I can find aside from the limited poseability of the original toy was that the form changing heavily relied on friction and the natural grip of the soft rubbery plastic (a choice in itself made to limit any breakage) though the grip can be very weak at times like on the Battaman armor, I would have preferred something more secure to increase play value. Though as it is they're interesting figures and definitely good conversation pieces. 

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