Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tiny Brushes

I plan to visit the art supplies store later to buy some stuff, most especially some brushes for detail work. Recently I finished painting the head on my Microforce Ninja Microman, since I'm sort of in the mood for that, but I don't like doing detail work on a handicap (with a round ended brush instead of a pointed 00 brush)

My most recent repaint, though after this picture I added some facial scars.

Really hard to get good details like eyes in there with just a Sakura 2/0 brush, it's killer on the joints.

Here are a couple more of the microman faces I've been painting.

I'm practically out of chrome heads to work with but I'm working out a deal with a friend from japan for some new "canvases" to paint on haha in exchange for some parts, hopefully enough to make a mold of the male microman body for some modified casts or bodyparts.
Like the connectors I made to turn Acro Elsa into Acro Sphinx

Just as well I've got a Microman Commander waiting for me come first week of December (though I think I paid too much for it).

I'm looking forward to a few getaways this December as well, one in Baguio and another in Hong Kong (again! Yay), actually starting to plan the places I'll visit for some good bargains or items.

...What was I talking about? Oh yeah, brushes. I'm buying new brushes later. Yes.

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