Monday, November 19, 2012


So, there was a Microman sale today and I ended up grabbing this guy (through an inventory error, at the store. They failed to inform me the Wrecker Signa figures were also included ;_;). Won't bother talking about the suit he comes with because a lot of people tell me the Kiguru line was complete ass--and after getting Microman Ken, I kinda agree.

Microman Ricky though is pretty solid in his own right, I kinda consider him a waste to end up in the Kiguru set due to:
 A. you need to apply stickers, and most of it falls off,  and considering the supposed deco on him it's a waste to resort to stickers.
B. chrome weapons are much MUCH better than rubber suits.

so with nothing better to do, I painted his face.

Oh yeah, I applied the chest and crotch sticker too. 

Not sure if it's legible but I tried to write Ganbare! (頑張れ!)   On the headband (major thanks to Louise Desu for correcting me on that) , I thought it would be very fitting.  I wish there was something I could give him though, maybe the Eva girl weapons would work.

Anyway since the sale is still on I'm still eyeing a few pieces at the store. There's even a Quanto book Micro (not discounted though) there that i'm eyeing. It's not the female micro though. And my special order Commander Microman! Woo-hoo (ohgodi'mgonnabesobrokesoon).

Apart from that I also got a cheap Junker Ramenman. The owner said the head was glued to the neck but I was able to pry it safely off the head, the only problem now is the peg is stuck to the base of the head.

Oh well, I wasn't planning on restoring him anyway, I'm happy with Robin Mask and Kinnikuman. I will however tweak some parts and see if I can have it molded and cast for a project.


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