Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Sisters El

I was able to nab these today at a pretty affordable 1700 php (41 USD), I say affordable because they both cost around 20 each, which is reasonable for me. Unfortunately while one item was in stellar condition, the other was scuffed and had worn chrome on the face, I've never had luck with the micro sister line so surprise, surprise it was El who had the damage.

Of course my first instinct was to paint it so I went ahead and painted El's face as well as Elsa's. 

The results aren't bad though it shows me that  I need to buy finer brushes again since it was daunting to paint the facial details with my old brushes. The lack of fine control means I'll be visiting the hobbyshop soon.

come to think of it I really dig the flesh tone look on the faces of my microforce Micromen. And I've seen a few stellar examples from Japanese painters that really makes me want to try it on ALL of my microforce figures.

Hmm. We'll see :)

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