Monday, September 12, 2011

more fun for Godai

Today was kinda lucky. I managed to score a used set of DX Trychaser and Beatchaser bikes  old Souchaku Henshin Kuuga line. Perfect rides for my Figuarts Kuuga Mighty.

They're pretty worn, especially the extra Beatchaser, so I used parts from that one to restore the old one I bought last toycon, replacing the missing crest on the first one with the junker i bought today which makes it pretty much complete now. . aside from the paint, two out of three bikes are in really good condition. the Trychaser just needs some new paint here and there:

i'm getting rid of the junker Beatchaser, (giving it to a friend who'll try to fix it) but overall i'm pretty pleased that one of my riders has a bike now. so that takes care of Godai, now to get rides for Hongo and Ichimonji.

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