Sunday, September 25, 2011

he represents magic and stuff. (SIC Kiwami Tamashii Kamen Rider Agito- Trinity Form)

Impulse buy today...well actually  I liked the Agito ground form that I bought earlier in the week to turn into Kuuga so much that it made me goback to Great Toys (greenhills branch) to see if they had another one, but sadly it was reserved to some dude. I was very tempted to pretend to be the guy and get it anyway but bad karma is still bad. instead i saw another box marked Agito on the side and asked what it was. What i got was the Trinity form of Agito which...really looks nicer to me for a couple of reasons.

now I really don't watch much of the show unlike Kuuga or Faiz or OOO, but the design of this dude was just too cool to pass up. I really dig characters with contrasting colors as part of their design but i'm not a real fan of W if that's the assumption you're making. Think more along the lines of Kikaider and Kikaider 01, Barom 1, or if you're still lost, Two-Face. That's basically where I'm coming from  and I think the black base with bright metallic red and blue sides are what drew me to the Trinity form.


The colors of this guy are very vibrant, of course it shows around where the flame and storm forms are, but the gold trim all over the body is pretty shiny too.

the red is a metallic candy red that is much brighter, and hotter than the blue on the other side which is a bit more toned down and cooler but still bright. it could be brighter yes, but as it is the blue is comfortable to look at and blends well with the red. on a side note the open palm of the red arm really reminds me of Ankh's hand from OOO. the rest of it fades into a matte black that really isn't all that interesting but brings out more of the sculpt. speaking of which...


the sculpt is as intricate as you'd expect from the SIC Kiwami Tamashii line, or in SIC in general. and it shows very well in the details on pauldrons-

also the compound eyes on this figure are big and...friendly, but the sculpt underneath is really well done.
can't really say much else about how neat it all is but there are drawbacks in the design.

Part of it is how big the shoulder pads are and how they need to be mounted next to the collar that lifts it via a hinge. what it does is make the shoulder joint look very, very weird when the pauldrons are lifted up.
Another thing that contributes to this is the slightly elongated neck (yes I'm aware his motif is a dragon ), which doesn't look bad when the pauldrons are down but looks derp when they are, thanks to the low angled shoulders.  i would understand why though, proportionally it looks okay when in any pose other than the picture above. And I learned this when I worked on Kuuga using Agito Ground form as a base. 
 what bugs me as well is why they chose to mount them on hinges in the first place instead of ball joints which I think would have a more realistic range of motion when the arms are moved forward.


The articulation is well done on this figure and it can pull off a lot of plausible and dynamic fighting poses while being able to hide the joints convincingly. It's pretty much expected with these figures at this point.
It's pretty decent but nothing astounding. for one thing the pauldrons inhibit a lot of  frontal arm motion, but the sides are no problem at all. the waist joint isn't really all there and the hips are a tad limited. but for poses like the ones above, it's much more limber than a GI Joe.


Trinity form comes with a good amount. of course he comes with the finely detailed Flame Saber and Storm Halberd both of which have flip-out parts.

and yes, he can dual wield.

personally I favor the Flame Saber better, but it just wouldn't look fine held alone by Trinity form, and the damn Flame form is a Tamashii web exclusive.

damn. I really love the flip-out stuff on this dude.


Agito Trinity form is a good deal because of the stuff he comes with, mainly two big weapons. the red and blue thing he has going on for him really draws attention to itself in a good way because they work well with each other, he's pretty poseable and to my experience nothing on the figure was loose at all. Kiwami Tamashii as a line is getting better and better and if you want to start buying the figures, but the ones you want haven't been made yet then I'd highly recommend this figure to you because of the fun factor he has. He has weapons, some cool play features, tight joints, and  excellent detailing. the only thing you really need to think about is the price. 

I bought him for 750 php (about 17$), which for a 12cm figure (4.72 inches) is pretty steep but  felt I got my money's worth. of course your mileage may vary.

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