Sunday, September 4, 2011

it begins.

bought some S.H. Figuarts these past few weeks. hopefully it doesn't go out of control, and I only buy the ones I like and watch anyway.

my plan is to complete the movie versions of Ichigo and Nigo (either of The FIRST or  The NEXT versions will do, but completing both would be nice) and Shocker rider. 

... actually I want several shocker riders now. 

after that my only worry would be the Showa riders, because I've still to buy New Kamen Rider 1 but I'm thinking if I should wait for the original blue version that will inevitably be made. 

I used to only have Kuuga since i'm a Kuuga fag:

and I thought i'd quit there, buuuut... as figures they're SO nice. 
and here i thought i'd quit 1/12 scaled toys.  oh well.

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