Saturday, September 24, 2011

fun find of the day.

went on a short toy hunt today and snagged this small krillin figure for 150 php (more or less, $3). neat little guy, i think he's a good addition to my collection of 3" figures even if he does look proportionally scaled to 1/12.

pretty nice detailing and the paint's pretty decent. the poseability isn't half bad as well

also, i found out while playing around with him that he has magnets in his feet:

aside from that he comes with two orange....things, with the one star and four star dragonball designs on top. which you probably don't see but oh well.

i think these things work great as seats:

aside from that he has another cool accessory:
alternate hands holding a nudie mag.

dat ass.

this figure really isn't phenomenal, but it's decent and has lots of nice things going for it (the magnet feet for one). well sculpted and articulated, with a good even paintjob--the only only error is one of the eyebrows but it's fixable with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. other hands would have been nice, maybe even an alternate head. but as it is krillin's pretty nice to have. 

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