Monday, August 29, 2011


here comes my experience with TVtropes (or really any wiki-type site). the thing is when you enter the homepage, or look up a term on google and it leads to an article on a site like that, the experience is like opening a door into a room filled with more doors. it's strange and at the same time enticing, you're given a situation where in front of you are more doors to open and without any guarantee that you'll end up where you want or back into the room with more doors. 

one does not simply walk into more doors.

anyway i started with moeblob on google. it linked me to moe. from there i ended up in this article, and then here. then here. and here. at this point it was getting ridiculous, but at the same time fun. and i haven't done any link jumping until i hit this thread on /toy/.

it's one of the things i enjoy about information on the internet, and it weirds me out how quickly i get sucked in. oh well time to look up hypertexts.   

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