Wednesday, August 17, 2011

and now, Buyer's remorse! act 1: Power Rangers Samurai- Yellow Mega Ranger

it's decent but with the trends in 4 inch figures today it honestly could have been better.
stuff i didn't enjoy about it:

  1. this thing was too tall for the other 4 inch toys that i own, in package she didn't look all that huge at all but when i stood her up next to chun-li and T-elos i was like; "fuck she's tall" and she's not even wearing heels like T-elos is,  so i can't justify that height. As a female it's figuratively (hee hee) as tall as Yao Ming. this line is in a scale of it's own... or it's like SIC Kiwami Tamashii. And if this is the case it leads me to my second point...
  2. the articulation is limited. it would be fine if it was still 2003 but it's not. even a waist joint and basic bicep swivel would have been nice. pushing it i would have asked for ankle rockers. 
  3. the proportions are weird. super long legs, tapered/noodly forearms, manhands, that overly mechanized shinkenmaru with a grip that would better suit a 5-6 incher.

stuff i DO like:
  1. oddly enough, the design itself. 
  2. the Land Slicer weapon.
  3. the plastic quality. it seems very durable and softer where it needs to be.
Stuff i did for my figure:
  1. shortened the calves. at least now she's as tall as Jazwares BA Baracus. 
  2. added bicep swivels.
  3. kept it. at the price i bought it for i might as well enjoy it. and after doing the previous 2 things i doubt anyone would want it. 
overall, Meh. Bandai of America, you had it down with Jungle Fury yellow ranger in terms of sculpt and articulation, kinda perfected it in RPM.

 you could have just downsized what you had in that line's features and applied it to this. the 4" MMPR figures and the samurai megarangers just seem lacking with marshmallow-y sculpts.

if they make a 4" regular costume of yellow samurai ranger, i'll be obliged to buy it, since it'll be shinken yellow by default. and until i can find a materialforce microsister body in yellow and affordable i'll be hanging on to this.

note:i didn't take any more pics because it just doesn't feel worth it, really. 

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