Saturday, August 13, 2011

Motion Revive T-elos figure review

To be honest I've never played the game and I have no idea who T-elos is outside her being the yang to Kos-Mos's yin. So please don't hit me. 

Ii bought her out of how she looks which is pretty nice honestly, really love her design and colors so she was a must-buy for me, and a welcome addition to my 1/18 scaled collection. 

I got her from Hobbylink Japan for 444 yen or about 247 pesos (5$) , through a local middleman and the total cost was 750 pesos ($17 or so ) inclusive of tax, customs fees, and middleman fees.
Can't help but feel I dealt the wrong hand in all of this...aaaanyway, to start off I'd like to talk about her packaging:

Which honestly looks great, but feels cheap. 
Like it was printed on really thin card paper, But I'll give them points for designing it and putting all the stuff you need to know about the figure on the back and the rest of the sides, eliminating the need for instructional inserts.  It does looks good from afar, not that I plan to keep it though, now on to the figure!

So what about it?
  •  It's very well sculpted, having nice detailing from top to bottom, though the joints stick out a little on the shoulders and hips, it's very shapely and very sexy, though the huge boobs are a bit much and slightly distracting. It'd be fine if she had hips to go with it, but the other kibble on her just obscures that. 
  •, could be better honestly. She seems katoki'd to fuck, Top-heavy, and her arms are a tad short. I can understand if that was the only way to make the rest of her design work toy-wise, though the articulation leaves much to be desired; shoulder articulation is done in a way that seems detrimental to posing well, and would have been better placed under the armor parts just above the elbow joint.
  •  Then her thigh-belt is too hard of a plastic to really bend and stay in certain positions.
  • Despite having an almost seamless sculpt with decently hidden joints, it could quite honestly have been executed better.

Man. she really lacks ass of any degree. 
Moving on though she's very well painted, and her shade of black, violet, and maroon just sings to me.

 I love it.
 Especially the 2-toned violet it's so shiny and metallic in some parts. Her hair color blends nicely as well, with a nice shade of pink complementing  the maroon and violet.

Her blue eyes break up that combo but it's not too noticeable, to be honest it kinda tones down her token villain coloration which I like.

She has what I'd consider a good amount of them, 
let's start with the smaller ones:

On the table you'll see her hand weapons, a pistol and a set of parts that make up an energy blade weapon of some sort. 

  • The pistol seen above looks too huge for her hand and cannot be held convincingly (or at all. it's just the sheer force of my will keeping it there and not popping off. if i break concentration it flies off to the unknown).
  • The blade weapon on the other hand I really like and my only complaint is that it's not made of clear pvc. to be honest it looks too much like part of a blue leek. Good attempt though. 

She also comes with a stand! 
Because it's quite obvious in-hand how hard it is to get the damn figure standing upright or posed dynamically on it's own. Such is the flaw in high heels. Damn them!

The stand is white, which would be better with Kos-mos honestly. It doesn't really jive with the dark colors of T-elos. It also plugs in via a ball socket at (on?) her back, so there's another point about this stand I dislike, the inability to be used by other figures. 
Despite having a good range of motion on it's own, the exclusivity of its use is annoying.

Big guns! yep, the main selling point of this figure, accessories-wise are these huge, Heavyarms Gundam-esque vulcan cannons, which are well detailed and painted but the way they're held does not fit well with the design of the forearms, particularly her left forearm that has that big gauntlet.
 There's just no way to completely hold the big gun without having it popping off or dispositioned to the point that it can fall off on its own, without some fiddling and absolutely no gust of wind hitting it and toppling it over.

In summary, Motion Revive T-elos is a decent figure with a decent amount of accessories, though there are some flaws in design that kinda kills it for me. The finish of the figure is decent and likeable, but just passable to be honest. I can see why this thing went for a 70% discount.

dammit, you were so close to being perfect, T-elos. but I still like you and glad that I bought you :3

The meat of it is this, if you like the character and want to play around with an articulated figure,  get it, while there's still no better figure out there, like, say.... a figma (EDIT: SPOKE TOO SOON THERE'S ALREADY ONE OUT).
Or if in any way you find this attractive like I did ( I LOVE brown women) then get it as well. Hell, the thing's on sale anyway. But otherwise, just pass on it until something better comes along. really not much to be missed.

another note, not really relevant to anyone other than Xenosaga fans:

god dammit. now I need Kos-mos too.
T-elos comes with parts to help make Kos-mos boob lasers in much the same way as Kos-mos has the parts for T-elos's boob lasers. 

the fact that her boobs come off  kinda disturbs me, and she comes with two square nubs that keep them in place, colored the same way as the rest of her fleshy bits just upsets me more. 

Well that's pretty much it. thanks for reading the review! 


Dr Syn said...

been meaning to get some more Motion Revive figures, the few Monster Hunter ones I have are rather enjoyable.

What happened to the line?

Miko Matsing said...

i have no idea man, suddenly the 3 3/4 scale trend in Japan didn't matter anymore. my only real regret is getting into the game late.