Friday, August 12, 2011

feeling lucky?

so i went for a little visit to Japanimation, my local anime/ japanese surplus thrift store, scouting for stuff my friends would like when we make our rounds tomorrow. i tried my luck in 3 different bins full of random gashapon and trading figure stuff and pulled out these beauties at 50 pesos (roughly 1$) each.
well from the pic above they look great but how do i display them along with my figures without having to have my figs cross-sit on the floor?

i found these things, which seem to be diskman cleaners for 100 pesos (2$), and after considering it for a while i bought these as well.
you can already see where this is going.

and here is what they look like as small tables to put the slot machine on, and it even came with a cleaning cloth i can use as a sort of carpet. overall, pretty awesome and i can practically make a mini casino with these
things. now to find tiny arcade machines.

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