Sunday, March 27, 2011

cyclone clone

so today i bought myself some cheap, retro looking  1/18 scale  motorcycles:

they disassemble fairly easily, so i decided to try something.

 one sitting later,  i made this. it was a quick repaint that went well and i'm fairly interested in trying this on a 1/18 honda CBR to match with my Motion Revive Kamen Rider The First.

not exactly the Cyclone super-bike, but it'll do for now. nice addition to the other bike i got for him,
a white Honda NSR (1990) if it wasn't for the blue it would already be a perfect fit, so this 'clone bike will be his main ride for a while. 
up next is converting a dirtbike into Trychaser for Motion Revive Kuuga Mighty Form

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