Monday, March 21, 2011

let's play distractions!

so yeah. i had a list of things to finish way back:
(gotta add the recent commissions in that list.)
but it seems i won't stop coming up with shit to start making. with this new one though i might actually finish up quick.  i wanted to do this because, well this character is a personal favorite--design wise. there are very few crab based kamen riders. i think he may be the only one.

 but his design was always intriguing so i started with a Dragon Knight Incisor figure (which is pretty much the same thing) cut him up into the pieces i need and grafted him on an amalgamated GI Joe Body, then i made his wrists compatible with Microman hands.. then some minor cleaning up and adding of details and now i'm almost done. what's left to do is the belt, some cleaning up and smoothening out with sandpaper, and finally the paint.

sure he won't be 100% show accurate but he'll do,until i buy myself the figma version.
Kitbash stage

with new hands

1st Primer Coat

Size Comparison with Ichigo

poseability demo
the original inspiration came from this thread from the HISSTANK forums.

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