Thursday, August 8, 2013

Zaku time!

Spent the earlier part of the week cleaning and priming the build and started test painting it last night. I got the mix of greens I want written down now (primary green= CG24 70%, Gaia 001 30% with splitter= CG24 70%, Gaia 002 30%, secondary green= CG23 80%, Gaia 001 20%, with splitter= CG23 60%, Gaia 002 40%), and the internals and black parts done in arms grey lightened with white, and phantom grey respectively. 

It's also my first try with Gaia Notes now, though I'm using industrial thinner on it as an experiment. Hasn't given me trouble so far, and as for metallics, this was the result:

Overall things are going well with this build and hopefully I can finish by monday next week (or even earlier!)

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