Monday, August 26, 2013

This is gonna be a colorful week.

Before anything else, ignore the non-ROYGBIV placement of the bottles.

I've been handed a sample set of model paints and thinner hand-mixed by a friend and IPMS veteran, Sir Daryl who owns "Daryl's Sprays" (DS) a relatively new and local producer of hobby grade model paints.

 But don't let the simplicity of the presentation fool you. The demo videos on the facebook page show that these paints are pretty high quality, and I even did a test of it when sir Daryl personally delivered these to my house (though he probably doesn't do that for international orders).

Anyway, this week I'll be testing out all of the colors I was given, at least one color per evening and then it'll probably bleed into a follow-along project, as I'll be using all the DS paints to complete one model. I'm eyeing a real-grade kit in my collection for this.

so yeah, stay tuned! 

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