Friday, August 23, 2013

At a turtle's pace.

Starting work on this tonight, might take me a day or two before finishing it, even longer maybe because I now have a day job. But that's actually a good thing since now I have a salary that's substantial enough to feed my plastic crack addiction and still have money in the bank.

I've also been experimenting with the second Katoki gundam build and made substantial progress:
  • It's now 12.5cm, the proper 1/144 scale height.
  • The proportions are also closer to a "Katoki" feel than the first attempt.
  • The beam sabers are oriented more correctly now, and the calf and skirt verniers are installed. 
  • A rough hinge cover has been made over the hyper bazooka clamp I installed recently, and will receive detailing later on. Just as well the backpack received an extension to accommodate the new hinge. 

It's been a pretty productive week, despite the shit weather we've been having. Looking forward to finishing a lot more soon!

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