Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Work in Progress: HGUC Ver. Ka

Since I'm almost done applying the main modifications (before primer coating and refining), I figure I'd put up this post for posterity. This is my current gunpla project that I've been working on for around 2 weeks now, which initially started off as a straight kitbash but I needed to tweak a few things as the days went on and I got an MG Ver. ka as a reference point.  So I began minor tweaking with plaplate, putty and some evergreen styrene strips:

Modified the detailing on the GM Type-C shield.

Added some detailing on the G30th rifle.

As for the body itself, here's where I paid a lot of attention to the MG

Well, mostly, some stuff is just left to the best of my ability rather than 100% accuracy.

The thighs and waist got a 3mm extension (which put it off-scale by 5mm, but I had to do something about the proportions anyway), and then the torso got a new scratchbuilt central chest piece and protruding chest vents care of builder parts.

The side skirt got extra details thanks to styrene strips and builder parts (I had to use MS Sight lens parts for Verniers)

And then some detail on the knees with styrene and parts from an HGUC gundam , and MS sight lens parts for the side verniers (again lol)

The head itself is an HGUC gundam head, with the front parts slightly angled, and added in some simple vents with putty.

I also removed the faceplate for ease of painting.

I also included a hand that came from the GM Quel.

It's pretty annoying how it's the wrong friggin' hand but there aren't many saber-grasping left hands out there.

standing next to daddy.

I really should do posts like this more often, for every future project, It might be fun for me to look back on this 2-3 years later and see how much I improved at the preparation stages.

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