Monday, June 24, 2013

MS Variation

I've been busy for weeks on the kitbash on the left, and I just finished the snapfit build on the guy in the center.  Thought it would be nice to take a pic of all three versions of the RX-78-2 just to show how varied a single design can be.

So from left to right the HGs are: Ver. Ka (WIP Kitbash), HGUC Ver. 1, HG G30th Gundam.

Ver.1 is probably my favorite of the offical releases, it's a good, modern representation of the RX-78-2 (and a really simplified Katoki redesign) which would benefit from the detailing of the G30th.

the G30th on the other hand has more anime proportions and better articulation than Ver.1 though they went a little overkill with the panel lines.

Still I think it's very nice, and outwardly without out the many lines all over it, It resembles the MG 2.0, and the Ver. 1 is the MG 1.5 gundam, kinda reflective of how the design got tweaked over the decades.

This makes me wish I had a re-issue 1/144 kit from the 80's and the HG 1/144 from 1990, it could work as a visual timeline of how the iconic design of the gundam had changed.

Anyway, just happy I got another Ver.1 kit after so long. :3

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