Thursday, May 16, 2013

taking tips from Plamo Tsukurou

Working on that dunbine kit this week. Mainly I'm assembling it using the same steps from a Plamo Tsukurou  Tutorial which used an HG AB Leprechaun. so I did some texturing on the surface using a rotary tool and a 2mm metal burr + some Plastic cement to act as a softener. 

I also made it compatible with a Tamashii stand arm so I can install that feature later in my planned Diorama, which will depict the Dunbine in flight after felling a Virunvee or a Bozune (both old kits) on a hill. Which means I'll be scouring for terrain supplies pretty soon haha. 

As for Dunbine itself, well the backpack still needs some work using the rotary tool, and then the cockpit needs polishing for a jeweled effect. After that it's prepping then painting before I proceed with the diorama. and yes, I intend to keep 80% of the original articulation on this kit, hahaha. 

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