Saturday, May 11, 2013

On a very slippery slope.

My first MG kit in 16 years (last one was the 1995 RX-78 on my 6th birthday), holy crap! I hope I don't start buying more of these. HG kits are a handful as it is, but I really love the F91 and it's lacking an HGUC so this is the only option out there... yes I realize an HG F91 would be ridiculously small, like nobel gundam sized, but I would still buy that in a heartbeat.

I don't intend to build this thing right away though, saving it until June or July, since I plan on this being a 1 month personal challenge, to complete the kit (assembly, prep, paint, decals) in 30 days or less. Which means, more or less, daily updates on the blog again (oh joy!)

but yeah no rush. I got a Dunbine kit, HWS Nu Gundam, and a Sazabi Formania and a few more to keep me busy.

At least I'm doing an F91-related repaint right now anyway to keep me excited, haha. 

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