Thursday, May 23, 2013

Backlogs gonna backlog

I never thought I'd enjoy it so much but the AGE-2 frame is really fun to build. I just completed a snapbuild of the Dark Hound, and I'm looking forward to the AGE-2 normal I'll be getting next week.

Hopefully I'll have 2 entries done by the time GWBC 2013 rolls around. And I'll be working around a theme for the pair. Dark Hound however, well I'm inspired by Hobby no Toriko's take on it, so expect mine to be a crossbone gundam homage.

Meanwhile I also finished the Shaldoll, which needs a photo set done soon, but I'm still thinking about adding decals to it as well. 

Lastly, while i haven't posted a picture, I jerry-rigged the Artimes cannons to work for the AGE-FX, to better complete the F-91 look I was going for at the beginning of the project. Well, i'll post more on that once I actually get the kit back from being displayed @  GKMC2013 

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