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Ah, finally I can go and post a review.  This time around, we're taking a look at Micro Action Batman, from way back in 2004. I'm actually planning to do a two-part review of the DC micromen I own, the other one of course is Supes. Buuut... well I'm not really in the mood to take pics or make a write-up for the man of steel. So for now enjoy the guy who's main superpower is that his parents are dead. 

Now, what I have here is the single-packed version, which for obvious reasons isn't colored in black. Instead they went with the then-comic look of batman, which was around  the time when Batman: Hush was the big thing for the guy. 
Really, not much to say here other than it uses a buck microman (most of the costume detail is painted) 2003 body with some slight mods to the forearms for the batman look. The only real thing that's pretty unique is the yellow utility belt. Of course there's the cape which is kinda...unwieldy, and the face sculpt which some people might not like but I think it works and then there's the paint detailing that's used to define the contours of his muscles, which doesn't work at all but instead appear like seam lines in the costume, I like that it does break up the dull gray of the bulk body though . I'd still much prefer the black version that comes with Batgirl. 

Bats comes with a few accessories, all  (except for the handcuffs) seem oversized. There are also extra hands that fail to hold anything securely.

His Batarang may have seemed like a good idea on paper but it's just too big and looks way too much like a manta ray instead of a bat, but the boomerang shape is definitely there. It takes a looot of suspension of disbelief on my part to justify where he hides that thing.

This handcuff accessory on the other hand, I like a lot. For the fact that it works on a lot of toys in the 1/18 scale with similar hand construction (peg and socket). And I can make any one of my toys that wears it look like some sex offender as seen above. 

 The grappling hook seemed to have a lot of potential, if only it had a longer and workable cable. The one the figure comes with is too short and unimpressive. The hook end itself though looks great. 
The real downside of this is that it can't be held too securely by the soft rubbery microman hands.

The gasmask is neat, but I question exactly why it's included. instead of something like an extra batarang, or even a foldable batarang. 

Articulation wise, you won't have any problems, and this batman doesn't seem to be the kind that breaks easily (which is more than I could say about Catwoman), but exercise caution in moving him around too much as his joints will easily go loose through friction at grinding. Such is the fate of hard plastic on plastic joint construction. 

Overall, is he recommendable?

not unless you're a hardcore batman fan or a customizer, because that's all I can envision for this figure. Either you become a batfan or you strip this guy down and make something else from him.  He's fun but you get bored of him quite easily. As a display piece he's unimpressive, and even if he is the only decently articulated 1/18 batman out there he's not the best detailed or sculpted. 

I got mine for 600 php (around $13). Which is a standard price these days. Splurge on this figure if you want to but he's nothing to go 'wow' about.

Stay tuned for the Microman Superman review soon! 

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CavaLars said...

I saw you cast and clone micromans, i try to make a mold casting this action figures, have you any tips to create an articulated resin clone?