Sunday, April 8, 2012

Even More Snake Eyes!

Before everything else, I'd just like to say how awesome the new desk fountain my mom bought is. It doubles as a sort of backdrop to some ninja temple.  

Moving on, Here's a custom Resolute Snake Eyes I did, borne from waiting until I could find a seller willing to give me the box set version for cheap, I went ahead and fixed up the city-strike version I had. First it started with stripping the paint off the pants. Not being content i went and modded the sword to be shorter. Then I decided he should be a bit of a darker shade of gray, so I went about it and did a wash, then repainted the other parts that needed to be a lighter color of gray, but not too light so as to really stick out.
The final bits of tweaking came when I wanted to add ball joints to the figure's wrists, and it resulted into this experiment:

After that, I decided to clean up the black wash I did earlier and applied a second coat of the wash via airbrush. I guess it counts as shading? 

Eventually it ended up looking pretty nice and I thought I wouldn't need the box set version now. But then I met this guy who was selling his extras and I managed to talk him into selling me his resolute Snake Eyes. When the deal was sealed, I went ahead and did something that really bugged me about the original figure. I turned his side pouch into a holster and put his pistol there.  

Honestly, the only other thing I would want to add are ankle rockers and a set of alternate hands. THEN it would be the perfect Resolute Snake Eyes figure (for me).

At this point I was really glad to have come across the stock figure, so the differences between it and my custom would be more apparent. 

Enjoy the pics below!

Of course, with all the modding I did to my city strike SE it would make playing around with it a bit difficult, due to the retouching I'd need to do regularly to fix the play wear it would experience. And, not liking the green visor on the box set version anyway...

I stripped the paint off it using industrial paint remover (which stings like a motherfucker if you get it on your skin), and repainted the visor in light grey. Now I have a resolute SE I can totally go nuts posing without having to worry about keeping the joints tight, or rubbing off the paint apps.   

On that same day I came across a Resolute man-faced Scarlett from the same set. Gonna see about fixing her face. 

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