Monday, March 26, 2012

An Angry Man's Two Rules on Dealing with People.

This is actually something I answered on my Facebook account about a year back, with an added note on number 2. Looking back, I'm not that angry anymore, lol. 

Rules: List down your 10 most important rules in dealing with other people. This is to gauge and share your parameters of social interaction, as well as a way to see why so many people get into conflicts with each other. Perhaps these rules may also not be what you currently follow, but you'd like to do so in the near future. Just write down what you think is sensible, then pass this around. Certainly, we can learn something from each other.

1. You are a total fuckwit until you make a good impression, we've hung out more than once, or a bro I can get along with  online. (this applies to me as well). but I will tolerate your bullshit because we wouldn't even be interacting if we didn't seem cool. 

2. Are you a woman with nice boobs or really cute bangs or can sport glasses in a hot way? Disregard rule 1. Let's get to know each other. 

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