Friday, July 2, 2010

updates and Annotations

Bim Barbieto of Comicology recently commissioned me to make him a Bob Agent of hydra custom, and since he shared the WIP pics i sent him in this post that features some of my other works (i get promoted! woo-hoo!),
i guess i should share some of the more recent progress--honestly i should have done it days ago.

anyway here's what i worked with-

he's a real mish-mash of parts.


here's the work i did for it tonight, i'd say it's 60% done, just need to retouch and seal some  rubbing points. honestly i like this guy better than the one i made for myself, because he looks more balanced, the parts really blend in and the proportions are just right. i'm half-sorry i have to sell this piece away, but a job is a job. still i want to thank Bim for giving me the chance to make something a lot more MU looking ( i think it's awesome that he has the whole "open hand, closed fist" thing that the main MU stuff does. 

sorta related to this is the test-figure i used to hone my Airbrush skills. i created a spare-parts, spare body for my Metal Gear Solid: Solid Snake custom, i wanted something that resembled the MGS2 look, and it turned out pretty nice IMO:


if i ever get a second Airborne/ rollbar head, then i'll make his Beardy, Mulleted headsculpt and truly "finish" this custom. 

that's all for now, stay beautiful, Internet! 

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