Monday, July 12, 2010

keep your hands busy, to stop the trembling

finished this guy the day we also heard news that my Grandmother in Canada passed away... rest in peace, lola mama, we love you. it'll be a while until things are back full swing at home, but i know mom is strong. i wish i was too, strong enough to face the time when it all happens to me, and not just hide away in my little corner like i always do.

anyway,  here's the Peace Sentinel Reinforced Commando

  • head- Wild weasel with sculpted details
  • torso/arms- ROC Flash, with the armor parts cut and glued
  • hands- Iron Grenadier
  • legs- Heavily resculpted Major Bludd legs
  • feet- Roadblock
  • pouches and other stuff- Resolute Pilot destro leg harness, MU Punisher pouches on right thigh, Greenshirt duke knife sheath on the back, big torso pouch from Roadblock, 4 chest pouches+protective "chainmail" on the chest piece sides from Comic Storm Shadow

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