Monday, July 26, 2010

more updates

got a bit more work done on Jazz, also took my G1 jazz out of the bin to have a look. G1's been through some rough storage, he has some chips on his paint but it's cool.

here's a close-up of the somewhat finished hood. man i've forgotten how many layers of primer and sheets of 300 grit sandpaper have gone into smoothening this out.

and started work on the head as well. took some inspiration from Symon AKA Tcracker from Sector70 and Radicons, and went with a modded sideswipe head.

 what to do with the now headless sideswipe i do not know. i plan to give him a clear plastic visor and retain the light-piping of the original head as well. 

that's all for now i guess. 
thanks for looking


 a little more work. added the needed bulk to the head, now just need to sand it down flush and clean up the details. the clear visor has already been cut from transparent plastic. and tinted blue so i don't lose the tiny thing. like the headlights it will probably be put on last.

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