Thursday, July 8, 2010

the heavy infantry

well here's the latest thing to be cut and glued on my table. i'm making--sort of--one of the most badass-looking enemies in the MGS: PW game, the Reinforced Peace Sentinel soldiers:

have to admit the hardest part i found was emulating their iconic headgear, at first i considered the para-viper helmet which would have allowed me to give these guys a face underneath, but i opted out because i kinda liked the looks of the Wild Weasel head, i mean he's practically 50% of the PS soldier's head. i just added some details to add to the similarity:

not really sure if i want to add the earphones though.

the upper body felt easier, really. just ROC Sgt.Flash with some bits removed, replaced and added.

the legs will be a real challenge, in fact i'm still stumped on how i should start. but at least it's getting there.

more soon-ish 

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