Sunday, June 27, 2010

Survivor of Shadow Moses

Solid Snake came out a little rougher than Big boss, though the build was much more involved. aside from the resculpted Airborne head with twistie Bandanna (i needed to find one that resembled cloth to a degree for the trademark waviness) the shoulder pads and pectorals were sculpted over the ROC Snake Eyes torso.

the choice of feet took a while as i didn't want him to look like a midget alongside Big Boss but i guess that's what happens with using the Sgt. Stone body for Big Boss, ends up taller than most joes.

if given the materials i'd like to do a second, lighter colored (more game-accurate) version, and an MGS2 version, but this one will  do for now. he looks snake-y enough anyway.

now for some action shots:


head- resculpted Airborne head with flexi-bandanna
torso/upper arms- ROC snake eyes
forearms- 25th comic snake-eyes with sculpted elbow pads
upper legs/kneecaps- Air-viper (?) * the one that came with outback
lower legs- comic pack Firefly
feet- comic pack Cobra Commander (hooded)
webgear- Airborne

gun- ROC deep six

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