Tuesday, June 8, 2010

i should have done this years ago.

another new custom from yours truly. this one though seemed like a no-brainer (and a really, really late one at that). you see i always liked the first Marvel Universe Iron Man that was made, despite it's many many nitpicks: a thin profile, slightly mispositioned extremities, and that doofy face.

oh lord the face.

the original sculpt never sat right with me and so i had to fix that. so i did, it was a pretty simple fix though i just needed to resculpt the brow and cheeks, and , once i panel-lined it and put emphasis on the sunken eyes and the mouth line it made a world of a difference. the rest of it though was just minor fixes, filling in lines in the wrist and getting rid of the holes in the thigh armor. a new paintjob later and i was left with this:

thanks for looking. 

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