Sunday, January 31, 2010

i remember when i was young and i made sense.

i loved reading books. still do, and i try to make it a habit to get a new read every so often. but i don't read as much as i did when i was say four or five. and i had a LOT to say back then. i think it's because everything was new to me, and i thought it was my God given duty to disperse this new information i had taken in. 

did you know that sloths can grow algae on their fur because they move so slowly?

my dentist called me Encyclopedia. yes, as in Encyclopedia Brown. but that was when the world was still fresh and new, and we all listened to PSA's after the cartoons ended, and iodized salt had a catchy jingle. these days my attention is everywhere at once, all moving faster than i can take in, and i'm having trouble communicating with you lot reading this right now. not just trivial information or intellectual discussion, even everyday talk. i find myself frequently code-switching, and though it gets the point across, it wears down the point to a nub. it's a dirty habit, and everyone's doing it.

 you shouldn't. 

it's hard enough to communicate in real conversation, it's almost impossible to do it online. so i've resolved to try to type long strings of words every now and then to remind myself that this is what i need to get through the day.

 to just talk, and be understood.

i know it's not all there right now, but i'll get to that eventually if i keep at it. and maybe even regain the bright outlook i had of the world in 95'.

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