Saturday, January 16, 2010

there he is, your little guy.

you know i've never been a fan of bumblebee. when i say that, i mean that i've never taken to seriously liking the character. sure he may have been the robin to prime's batman to some extent, but aside from liking him on a general kid-friendly character way, i'm not much of a bee supporter in fact, when i heard the next Leader Class figure for the ROTF line was Bumblebee, i was disgusted, though not at the character, but at how hasbro was milking this cash cow character real hard (i like to think of movie bee as different from G1...). no, i was more drawn into the likes of Jazz or even Swindle. i do know of some people who make bee-centric stands in their collections, my brother's one of them. as for myself,the only bee i have is the classics one, and i'd say i have the one that ever really matters in my case. reading IDW's Transformers Mini: Bumblebee is really turning me around though. looking at the art, i kinda dig Chee's deceptively simple style, and he paints the central character (i shall henceforth refer to him as Bee Prime) in a bit of a sympathetic light. i mean little yellow dude as the leader of the autobots.  (TAKE THAT, RODIMUS! hahahaha). to me this mini is becoming a sort of a coming of age story, a little lord of the flies here, some stand by me there... and a ton of Bladerunner. it made me dig out  classics bee from the toy bin and fiddle with him a little. it made me appreciate how cool the toy is again. in fact,  he's staying out of the bin for a while and on my desk.

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