Friday, January 1, 2010

first mech of 2010


Saber variant: "Machete custom"

a variant of the Saber Shell , customized for localized combat in the jungles and paddies of Southeast Asia, this black market mech was sold to rebel groups in stripped-down units, having bought the weapons from another supplier and creating makeshift--and often scrapmetal--armor platings taken from older models or cobbled together in local junk shops. plating is applied sparingly and only in frontal regions. the logic behind this is within the areas of combat these machines face only tanks and infantry units of the national (and underdeveloped) military. local names may vary but the nature of combat as local guerilla warfare has earned this unit the Nickname "Machete" both by the Atlantic Nations Union (ANU) intervention  forces stationed in The Independent Republic of Cambodia and by the Pacific Economic Federation (PEF) Forces stationed in Mindanao sovereignty conflict zones. 

(someday i'll write an entire world grounded on these robots, using my fondness of the Front Mission games as a basis. let's set it at 2190 C.E. )

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