Sunday, December 20, 2009

moar mechs

here's some more designs i did  (primed):

Ferret Hi-Mobility shell


some painted samples:

Custom "Frost" Saber


I'm rather satisfied about the look of most of these, there are a few things that I'm a bit unsure of particularly on the Frost Saber, which somehow feels like the colors don't blend well with the design. I am partial to a royal blue coloration but that would obscure some of the details on it. meh. maybe it'll grow on me eventually. the regular sabers though I plan to do in a uniform, military color. most likely olive green. or do a squad of random mechs and do them in team colors. the Enforcer came out very cool, and I think that orange patch breaks up the dominant desert yellow. it's sort of a signifier of rank. sorta.

more to come.... probably. ;)


knoted said...

Dude, these mechs look friggin' awesome ! Keep up the great work :D

Miko Matsing said...

hey thanks! i had another one painted up in a recent post. also i'll be getting a lot more kits by the end of the year :)