Friday, December 18, 2009


the BJPM line though long gone is my new favorite toyline! they're do-it-yourself kits that share the basic premise of lego and stikfas with a little gundam thrown into the mix: build your own models. this includes coming up with your own custom formulas! they make use of a ball and socket system made of 5mm joints and that also makes them ideal for kit conversions of other toylines or say.... articulating your transforming robots ;)  i was able to buy a shitload for cheap, most of them gun shell dolls and a dragoon kit in limited gray color.

here's some micro-mechs i came up with:

the Saber Combat Shells:

the Sigurd Heavy Shell:

the Draconis Custom Shell:

the Dragoon Archer:

the Dragoon Skirmisher:

Dragoon "Arachnis" Commander Custom Shell:

the Dragoon Squad Unit:

i like how the system gives me the freedom to build in a way that i desire. the inspirations behind them is primarily my love for the Front Mission mech games, and i tried to emulate the look with these guys. still on the fence whether i should paint them though. but i'll try to :)

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