Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Fair Day 1

refer here:

so... first day there, it was pretty good, not too packed but given it's a weekday it ain't surprising. the cosplayers will be here by the weekend, and that'll probably the busiest time.

so much breathing room.

i was so overwhelmed by the fact i wasn't exchanging sweat with another person (non-consensually) that i took few pictures of some really cool stores. i'm sorry,i know i suck...

but this is just the first day, hopefully i'll be back again and again to cover a lot of the places,

particularly more of this place. it has pins that are full of win!

i did take stuff home though, new kits (BJPM Gun Shell kits)


and some new sidecutters for the occasion:


already made a few custom builds from it and i might paint them over the weekend.all just around  micro-scale. more to come, readers!  happy holidays!


Azrael Coladilla said...

bibili din ako nyan bjmm ehheh

Miko Matsing said...

LOL! mabenta eh XD