Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Armored Trooper VOTOMS diorama

finally found time to pre-paint this thing. originally this piece was intended to be used for by SD gundams i got a bit bored with it and shelved it. when i bought the VOTOMS Micro-World kits from Wilvin's stall at the 4th Annual Manila Toys and Gifts show, and seeing as i was on a sort of mecha-binge these past days i figured why the hell not?
so here's the kit:

it comes with three bots, 1 pilot, 2 human figures and 1 carrier as seen on the pic on the left.
these things are TINY. man, no wonder these types of mechs only came in 1/48 scale kits.

here's shots of the Dio:

the kit came with three Scopedogs, i'm using two built ones in varying poses

the white spot below will be an explosion with accompanying exploding Scopedog.

still undecided if i'll add the carrier at the bottom part of the Dio.

more to come once i return from Christmas vacation.

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