Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flying bagels!

Managed to get a second-hand Asshimar kit today from a friend, it was a little bit aged and had some loose fit in a few parts so I worked on it a bit. 

so the first issue I wanted to deal with was the plastic on plastic friction keeping the hands in the wrist. So I opted to install some polycaps into the joint, first by hollowing out the inside of the wrist and making plaplate bracers to keep it in place.

copious amounts of plastic cement and sanding would hopefully secure it in place for frequent popping in and out of the hand parts.

All done.

Next would be the monoeye. I couldn't figure out a way to make it moveable so I just settled for a static one, but at least it's still a clear piece.

I'm still working out the kit for myself since I got it built but so far, the loose joint issues have been addressed, parts modified (I replaced one antenna with metal paperclip wire) and now it's just a matter of sanding down nubs and seamlines, then figuring out the camo pattern I'll apply.

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Dr Syn said...

It's like if BW Injector was a mobile suit.