Thursday, September 5, 2013

Leo time!

I forgot that I hadn't shared this here yet. Anyway, a Japanese friend of mine who helps me get kits abroad spent some time crafting parts of a Leo conversion for the old 1/144 scaled Tallgeese model kit. He also made resin casts of the parts,( to make multiples for a small squad I assume ).

Anyway, he included the parts in my last purchase about a week ago with a slight request that I finish this one, because he hadn't found any time to do so himself.

So on and off I work on this project, and hope that I finish it before my HGAC Wing gundam arrives. 

I added a bit of a "cap" to the headsculpt he made and re-scribed the lines so they'd stand out better in the final look.  I also filled in some pinholes and breaks on the rest of the parts as well

and here's the polycap foot joint I have (even the ball joint is a pvc joint).

Really enjoying so far and I'm meeting my friend again on the weekend to talk about how best to scratchbuild the Leo's machine gun. 

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