Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gunpla, among other things.

I can finally stop working on the build. It's done (well I still have to mod the shield, but the body is done at least.), and I can't wait to see it in color.
Some minor tweaks were done at the last minute, with me using the Alex face and just extended the chin, and adjusted the placement of the chest vents.

I enjoyed this second attempt honestly. I think I'm 90%  closer to what I wanted to build than the first time and that's good.  Now, on to the other projects, a few shown below:

The 7th gundam WIP is slowly taking form now. The general shape is there, and all that's left are the finer details and clean-up. Almost makes me sad that this one won't be mine, and will have to be handed back to the commissioner after the modifications are finished and the piece is primed for the painter. 

This one I started when I got sick of working on either the Ver.Ka or the 7th.  kinda glad I took this up. SEED had some interesting MSV designs and I've always been a fan of the Astray line so when I was tasked to modernize the older PMC  Arms Astray with parts from the Blue Frame 2ndL, the project grew on me. It's fun making parts fit together although admittedly it's retaining a lot of essential parts from the PMC astray haha. 

This one. Oh man this has been on my want list for a while. I felt bad buying my first one and using it to complete my Ver. Ka 2nd, so I got another one and made myself promise to build this one properly (right now I replaced those godawful antiquated hands).
It'll be a straight build to match the Zaku Kai I built a month or so back, and will also feature a different coloration maybe something that's more G3 colored with fractal camo. 

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