Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Daryl's Spray Test #2: Metallic Navy Blue

Oh man, another paint review after a bit of a delay. Adjusting to a new job AND working on my weekend masteral classes leaves me a bit pressed for time these days. Which is why I decided to tackle future articles like this one in brief, from this point onward.

Another note, I won't be using the nobel for further tests because I did some modifications for it that for a few reasons I can't reveal here, but it will be painted completely in DS paints. So we'll be resorting to scraps, but with how economical the paint is in terms of usage, I'm not worried about running out any time soon.

With that out of the way, let's proceed, shall we?

Today (or tonight, rather) we're working with DS Metallic Navy Blue. On the test piece, I've covered half with masking tape and sprayed Mr. Surfacer 1000 on the exposed parts. 

For this round of demonstrating I followed the prescribed step of:

DS Thinner > DS Paint > DS thinner
--as opposed to straight paint.  As for why, well you'll see by the end of the test.

This is the first coat. You can see how the coverage is pretty good from just the initial spray. The metallic elements are pretty noticeable even at this level and gives off a sort of metallic light blue.

Now this is the second coat. Ideally I would stop right here, because this is as close to a gloss finish as I'd prefer (I am, at heart a matte to semi-gloss guy).  But I decided to empty the feed cup entirely sooo...

This is the third coat, somewhat High-gloss and very self-leveling. Like I said, matter of preference, but I think for candy painters and hi-gloss nuts, the DS paint line might become one of your immediate favorites.

here it is under normal lighting, even then the difference is apparent.

The newbie/user-friendly paint, and finish are selling points for this line. and if you're a wee bit skeptical about my claim, feel free to try it yourself, Daryl Sprays is willing to send you small "sampler" sets like the ones I got for you to see the results yourself.

I'm just waiting around for a military line of paints, but I just might switch to a more mid-gloss finish for my kits because it's just been made easier (and fun) for me to achieve.

Next time let's take a look at metallic green, I'm leaving yellow and pearl white for last. 

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