Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yare, Yare Daze

Been a while since I last updated on Jotaro. I stopped for a while since one of his most defining features are is his longcoat. And for a while I was stumped until a good friend of mine gave me some foam sheets to experiment with.

These same sheets he had used earlier for his own project, SHF Minami Kotaro

(thanks Poli!) 

Anyhoo I think the coat works for now. like with a lot of stuff it's still a bit rough, and I'll go back to fixing it once everything else is resolved, like the pants, and sleeves as well as the belt... And a little more cleaning on the face.

I also started work on Star platinum, again very rough start.


I intend to have him with two heads, an ORAORAORA face and a more stoic face similar to Jotaro's

Currently this project is proving to be fun, and I'm in no real rush to finish these but I do hope it fares better than the Joe Shimamura custom I've yet to finish. 

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