Sunday, April 21, 2013

Really late start

Right, so I was supposed to start some UC builds earlier in the month but I hit a slump due to some more immediate events, and have only found time to relax this weekend. Ideally I would have continued building stuff I already started but I went on an impulse buying splurge and got these two kits over the weekend.

Now I already had an AGE-1 kit from earlier in the week because of reasons, so I just stole the Gransa armor and put it on the AGE-1 I'm already building

I also modified it to hold the original AGE shield in a manner similar to this:

Now what to do with the other AGE-1? I'm actually thinking of G3 colors/ Wolf Ennacle colors, or Largan Drace colors. Though whatever it ends up being, It needs to blend well with the Glastron launchers that I won't use on the Gransa build.

As for the Legilis, I'm thinking something that looks similar to the Zeong in terms of colors.

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