Friday, September 14, 2012

98% done

What's the other 2%? the weapons. 


Anonymous said...

Sir would you be interested in moding an SH Figuarts Kamen rider 1 the First Ver. Mine lost its left shoulder pad. Would it be possible to make a new set for it and also maybe a new paint job for the whole figure.

Just in case how much would it cause me to commision you for it

More power

Nico David

Miko Matsing said...

not taking commissions for the meantime bro, sorry :( I do have the said figuarts, and I might consider recasting that part for you once i have the time. I'll let you know asap when i do. just hit me up on my facebook.

Anonymous said...

No problems boss, not in a hurry. Naawa lang ako kay Ichigo dahil kulang siya. Add you on facebook