Friday, September 21, 2012

A Great Time at Greattoys Annapolis

Within those illuminated shelves, are toys. Dozens of them, from all companies and all types, even the hard to find ones and those that have been out of production. Last time I saw something like this was on my birthday visit to Hongkong, where literally there was an entire building (not just a floor mind you) dedicated to selling all kinds of toys.

We've never truly had those kinds of specialized establishments but the (somewhat) newly opened Greattoys Annapolis branch comes close. Very close. In fact that picture above is only half of the actual branch. 

Now most of us who collect toys frequent Greattoys Online's stores  a lot, mostly because their inventory can offer up products we won't normally find in stock in regular toy stores or even specialty stores. Which is something that has been an advantage to GTO for well over a decade now, and something that most collectors are grateful about. But that's just half of the story about collecting. if you've ever done a toy run, it's more fun with friends, but the thing is if you have a lot and your usual run is in really tight and packed stores well it isn't actually conducive to hanging out.

With the opening of their biggest branch to date, GTO Annapolis offers the usual diverse and oh so tempting selection of models kits, action figures, statues, magazines and other things, while maintaining a very spacious and cozy atmosphere you and your friends can relax in. 

It couldn't have been more true than last night where I along with some other friends, attended the Blogger/Press event promoting the new store. 

The star of the show himself, Mr. Malvin Lim.

Our host and the owner of Greattoys Online, Mr. Malvin Lim was very gracious that night, chatting with everybody from the highest media people right down to the regular customers and casual visitors, talking about his business and how he himself is also a collector of many sorts of items. One of the gems were these babies:

Yes, those are actual animation cells from the classic super robot anime(s) Voltes V and Daimos. To have that kind of item, something absolutely hard to acquire without the right connections and resources, makes this store a cut above the rest. Last night was an event to orient and familiarize us who were there that this is what we can expect from GTO from this point forward, bigger and better things are afoot. And the least we (as the guests) can do is to help tell people about the new place, and share our experiences there.

So I, as a satisfied customer and hobbyist do hope you give the place a look.You can find anything here: toys, books, plushies, statues, indoor photography materials, sports equipment, katanas, friends,

Hell, even love if you're lucky. 

So if you need a place to shop for some really rare or premium items, or you just need a place to hang out while you window shop, I'd recommend a visit to their Annapolis branch. If you're ever feeling lost, here's a handy video GTO made to help you get there (just click to watch):


Here are a few more pics from the event. Thanks again to Mr. Malvin Lim and Greattoys Online  for having us there!

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